Hi visitor,
I used to have a nice website showing some of my work, both web and art creations, poems, writing, model making and so on... but it was on wordpress an wordpress is shit.
I gave up fixing it constantly, i don't have time for this kind of thing.
I build custom websites that require maintenance only once a year or when php version needs update, unlike wordpress sites that basically die if you don't take care of them weekly.
Its funny and sad, i build webs for others, but never have time to build one for myself.

If you are interested to find out more about how i can help your business, contact me at max at current domain, or hire me on Freelancer

some time every 7-8 years or so, i build myself an other website, but right now i don't have time for this and i don't really need new customers :)
Checkout Lumnar.tech for more.

Pro tip: if you have a wordpress website, switch to something professional if you want your business to be able to grow.

Website closed on 23 November 2023

Ps: out of respect for decent webs, i will not make this page fancy or styled to pretend its decent.