The Mur

I wish I’d rhyme, but I can not
My thoughts are mine, my words are not
I wish I’ve seen, but I was blind
How could have been, what was behind

In shattered glass, In pints of pain
I drink my past, I drink in vain
Where is the kingdom that I lost
Where are the years that I exhaust

My words are few, but they obey
I tame my thoughts, and make you stay
For if you knew what was behind
You lots would see what is my kind

I hide in lines, in code I see
What others only guessed could be
I turned my tears, my tears you see
To build the walls, that set me free

As walls grow moss, so did my soul
To cover past, to cover all
I built my walls, but walls do fall
So kept my guards, most dear of all

My shield is wide but is not wood
On plains of dreams I wish I could
To shield my pride, I wish I would
Instead to hide, to scream I should

My sword is sharp but is not steel
My heart does burn, but I don’t feel
I wish i’d finish, but I can’t
One day I’ll lose me, but you won’t

I’d shed my tears, if any left
To heal the walls I can’t forget
I mount my horse and hit the spur
For nobody knows what is a Mur.

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