Mastering The Void

This is book I published a couple years ago, one of my biggest personal achievements on understanding the world around me. It is an interesting read if you enjoy unconventional philosophy.

A small quote from my book:

I keep hearing how cruel everything in nature is and how life is about perpetuating species and surviving. I keep hearing how human psychology is governed by instincts, the ultimate one being to breed and continue the species. I see all knowing scientists talk about the universe as if they built it themselves. I see priests and all sorts of people of all ages talk about god creating life. Yet there is something that I felt is missing about all this struggle for life, and that is its purpose. My answer is simple, and its just a prelude to all the question that follow, in essence, this work.

The purpose of life is not to perpetuate itself for the sake of it, but to harness its goods. Life brings along spikes of individuality, humanity being its most productive branch. The purpose of life itself is to breed observers, for nothing exists without someone to observe it. Existence is relative too. Universe itself would not mean anything without something to witness its greatness.

Unlike anything else, we, living beings observe things even if not influenced by them. We learn, we see events happen, we decide and change things, we imagine, we create, we are unlike anything else. We are the jewel of the universe, an independent system working within a larger system. We are a world within a world, that causes everything to exist and make sense.

Its for sale on Amazon but i prefer if you buy it from here: Mastering the Void

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