Magicduel.com – Online browser-based game

One of my largest project. This a unique concept browser-based MMORPG game, constantly updated and expanding. For about 5 years i built/coded alone everything in there, later on someone else took over the coding part and the rest of the project is managed by a Council formed from the existing players. At the time of writing this article, the project is almost 9 years old. I still enjoy a lot to bring new ideas and code features for this project.

  • PHP Coding
  • Project management
  • Graphics
  • Writing
  • Gameplay planning
  • a lot more..

Registration is free, playing is free also, without any requirement to purchase anything later, but there are pay-able goods inside the game shop that you could buy if you want to support this project. If you register from this site, contact me in-game and let me know :)

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