Pendants of Change

I built these with a purpose. I made them to remember the landmarks of a personal journey. They have symbolic meaning both in their shapes but also in the materials used in their construction.

Hanging Hope

The first of a series of jewels made of beach shards, so beautiffully sandblasted by the sea, and as metal i used brass. Less valuable materials but with their own beauty and behaviour over time. blankblankblankblank

Changing Choice

The second pendant, slightly different color and signifficantly different meaning. The Changing Choice starts in a common root and splits in two, while holding together the same shard.


Secluded Solution

The third one, breaks the design rules of the first two while keeping similar overall lines. The meaning has its own secret.



The series end here. I will get back in the city tomorow, with a touchable log of the changes inside.


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