Max Lumnar

My name is Max, or so i prefer it to be for the moment. Over the years I had many names, each one telling my story from a different perspective. Max Lumnar is probably the one that managed to combine a more personal side of myself with the professional side.

"Man is least himself when he talks in his own person. Give him a mask and he will tell you the truth - Oscar Wilde"

I always mixed business with pleasure. In all these years of creating artistic things, developing webs for various clients, painting, sculpting, writing poems and so many other things I do for fun, I was never able to build a humble page for myself. I am not modest, i take pride in the things i create, because i create them with passion and I put a bit of my soul in everything I do.

Why Lumnar? ... good question, but not everything can be 'public' ;)

To avoid any confusion regarding my portfolio:
Some of the websites in my portfolio are signed by other companies. This is because i often work for other compaies and need to sign the work with their signature. MagicDuel Adventure is a company i also own. Unmarked srl is a company i was partner of and some sites where developed and singed in that period. Lumnar Creations is a new company, this time fully mine and I will sign all my work from now on under this signature.


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